Cutting error on 3mm Acrylic

How do I check the software is cutting correctly?
The gaps in the 3mm Acrylic seem too big.
Thanks for any help in advance…

Hi Paul, firstly, it’s your laser that cuts or engraves, not the software :wink:
That said, it is impossible to give you a qualified answer with the information you give us.
If I say your speed is too slow or your power too high … I don’t know what parameter you are using in advance … What about your focus … you can see we have no chance.
Try again with the relevant information and an image for example.
(Btw. Could you please fill in your machinery parameter, “DSP” is not enough, in my opinion)

You can directly measure the cut width:

If it’s much larger than 0.2 mm, then check for a focus or beam alignment problem.

If the ends of a circle or square don’t meet, then check for mechanical looseness / backlash / misalignment.

Thanks for reply…
Currently running atspeed 12 and power between 40-100%
Cutting 3mm Acrylic on a HPC 900mm x 600mm bed machine.
The gaps between the Acrylic is massive ). 0.6mm??
Any ideas

What units are your speed…? I’ll assume mm/s

What power is the tube? Big difference between a 100W tube at 40% than a 40W tube at 40%.


How many watts does your laser have? (40 to 100% sounds extreme) and what unit of measurement do you use? Is it a CO2 laser?
I assume you have checked your focus and the mirrors for proper adjustment because it can also be an possibility for the problem.
Usually, acrylic melts/evaporates with a relatively large gap/kerf but 0.6mm sounds a little too much.

All mirrors cleaned and all ok.
Checked to see if any of the software had been altered-couldnt see anything?
Cleaned the bed and checked for level and done a series of cut tests on different shapes. All the shape came out the same but over size even when adjusted the kerf to make shape the exact size.
When making a finger joint box all the joint fit ok but tolerance too big.
Any ideas what to chck now??

Have you done a ramp test to find your focal point?

When making finger joints, the two parts that must fit together are made “individual”, ie. The keref settings are automatically distributed to both.
In 3mm plywood, with my 60watt CO2 laser I use a kerfset of 0.075, it gives me a reasonably tight fit. Also, it must be checked whether all parts are closed Shapes, or Kerfetting does not work.

PS. You should not mark your problem/query as resolved when it is not fixed.

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