Cutting out part of image

newbie here.
I’m trying to create a book/ipad stand. The goal is to have the rectangle with rounded corners and a scroll design inside.
I’ve managed to create a rectangle with rounded corners. Then I tried 2 methods for the interior:

  1. Trace image of a scroll design then place it inside rectangle. Parts of the scroll are outside the lines of the rectangle. How do I cut out the parts of scroll image that are outside the lines of rectangle?
  2. I then tried to group the unedited rectangle with the traced scroll. After that I tried to round the corners. Still no go.
    The trace image will not allow me to convert to path. I realize there is something obvious I’m missing here. Any help is appreciated.

This clip might help

Let me know


When using this feature, ‘Trace Image’, the result is already a set of vector path shapes, so no further conversion is required, thus not available.

The ‘Boolean’ tools can work well for this requirement. Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

This video should help in understanding what these do and which should be used to accomplish the desired result.

Edit: I just remembered I had replied to a post about a year ago where the shape was much more challenging, but shows what can be achieved with these Modifiers.

and another example, if not for now then maybe the future :slight_smile:

Use pattern into a box or frame

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