Device Settings; x & y coordinates

XTool D1 Pro 20w. I’ve set the working size in my Device Settings at x=430mm, y=390mm per the specs of my device. At the console when I type $$, the values for $130=432 and $131=406.

I have tried typing at the console $130=430 and it returns ok, however when I enter the command $$, it comes back again with $130=432.

Q: Is this a problem with what I’m seeing? Which setting is it using? How can I fix this if needed? Thank you!

xTool’s firmware is not standard GRBL, and you won’t be able to adjust settings through the Console window.

The dimensions you set in LightBurn will be used by LightBurn, and the dimensions in the firmware will be used by the controller to make sure the commands it’s sent don’t take it outside of its maximum travel limits.

The device profile xTool provides in the below instructions set the dimensions at 430 x 400. Since they’re close to but a bit smaller than the maximum limits set in the firmware, I recommend using those dimensions.

You should also check to make sure your xTool’s firmware is up to date, following these instructions:

Thank you for the feedback Tyler! The D1 Pro 20w’s dimensions are 430 x 390 (my model), whereas the 10w is 430 x 400.

I’ve never seen any separate instructions for the 10W vs the 20W D1 Pro, so that’s good to know. Thanks!

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