How to update firmware of xTool D1 or xTool D1 Pro?

This is xTool official support agent Anwen. This article will describe in detail how to update firmware of xTool D1 or D1pro.

For xTool D1 and xTool D1 pro machine, we suggest our customers to use xTool Creative Space(XCS) program to update firmware.

Please do not update xTool D1’s firmware by using Laserbox Basic or LightBurn .

Here is the download link for windows and MacOS users:

Firmware update steps:

Note: Before updating firmware,please turn on the upload button on the machine as shown in the picture:

Step1: Open the software XCS,click on “connect device” on the top right corner, choose D1 or D1 pro on Popup window.

Step2: Click the Settings button in the upper right corner ,then click “Check for update” in the window that pops up.

Step3: A diologbox with the latest firmware detected will pop up. Click “update” in the lower right corner.

Step4: During the firmware updating process, you will see messages like "device disconnected"or the process is 0 . This is a normal phenomenon, you can ignore it and wait for a while.

Step5: Firmware upgrade progress bar starts loading.

Step6: If you can see the page shown below, it means firmware is successfully upgraded.

Note: The firmware version is already the latest now:

Important: if you still falied to update firmware, please follow the instructions below to use another way to update:

For xTool D1:

For xTool D1 pro:

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XCS software will not find my device. I have made sure it is connected. Device can be found in Lightburn but not XCS. Tried the bottom link and it shows a bunch of files which can not be download

May I know what’s the version of XCS? It is beta 5 or beta 6? Please follow this link and try to figure it out: Target device not found when connecting – xTool .

Ok so that shows it is up to date. Now when I try to use the D1 to burn onto a cup using Lightburn the laser head hardly moves and laser does not fire. Do you offer phone support or another method faster then this forum? I am about to loose my mind! LOL

This is a substantially different subject than firmware updating.

Can I confirm that you have or have not yet attempted the firmware update?

With LightBurn connected to the xTool D1, open the console window and type the following command:
then press enter.

The ‘Dollar i’ command requests the firmware information.
Please copy and paste that into a reply here.

I see that you have another thread open about using the rotary and troubles with it. We’ve been asking questions in an attempt to confirm and guide some troubleshooting attempts.

I’ll join these to the previous thread once we confirm where you’re at in the process.

How about XCS? When you use XCS, will you meet the same issue?

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