Diode laser stays on while position moves

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I have new setup of diode laser with ruida 6332g controller.
I have issue with laser power staying on while machine is doing position moves .

Laser makes a marking (light engravings) seems laser is not fully off but gradually going to off and can not keep the pace of machine moves .

My speed settings are 20mm/sec ,Min Power and Max power 10 and 100% respectively.

I have looked in to the other threads on the forum which noted similar issue,but that was with GRBL controller. It was suggested to make few changes in the devices settings tab of the LB software. But I do not see the similar settings for Ruida controller.

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Increase your minimum power. My 100w lasers don’t start burning until about 15%.

He is using a diode laser with his setup. Not sure if there is a minimum power threshold for diode lasers as I work with CO2 lasers.

Oh… that’s a new one for me. Diode controlled by a Ruida? Yeah, I don’t know how diodes work, but the co2 tubes need a certain amount of power to them before they output anything.

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Hi ,

I have a new setup of ruida controller with 6w diode laser from optlasers.

I am using Pwm (gnd/low) output from controller to drive diode laser . In the LB I have to keep the max laser power as 10% for laser to give output . If I increase the laser power to 90% output goes down and it does not engrave but leaves small maks here and there . What settings should I change in LB/Ruida to make it work in normal way .


Gnd and Low? The laser connections on my Ruida controller are Gnd, L-On1 (laser on), and LPWM. The PWM output will be ramped up prior to firing, which is toggled by L-On1. You might need to change the tube type in the Machine Settings to be an RF tube without pre-inition instead of glass, as I think they just use the PWM output without the L-On signal, but I’m not certain. I’ve never used a diode laser with a Ruida before.

Wow that worked . Changed the tube type to setting to RF and it worked. It also resolved other issue of diode being ON during positional moves. Thanks Oz.


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