Display Monitor Resolution

I’m going to get a monitor specifically to be able to use Lightburn. Obviously 1080p is most common, but I would prefer a 1440 (2560x1440) display.

Can anyone using Lightburn on a QHD say 32in screen please advise.

Reason for the concern (hence for another monitor) is that my present 4k monitor is not compatible with Lightburn and from my reading I have doubts about QHD.

The problem is that line weight, grid lines and pointers are too small and there’s no way in Lightburn or in Win10 to increase line thickness and size of pointers on a 4k display, so they look as intended - as on 1080p.

It’s going to take an update to Lightburn to correct this and it does not seem that there’s the will to do it.

If you’re okay with non-native resolution you can force LightBurn to use system scaling. This will increase the sizes of lines at the cost of overall UI crispness.

beranilb, thanks for getting me to revisit my Win10 config options. I previously messed with scaling but had not reduced actual display resolution as it seemed to destroy the point of getting a 4k monitor… anyway, tried using 1080, and found Lightburn now (with some tweaks) looks good enough on the 4k screen, and by the way, so does Autocam, another app that frustrated me in this regard. Moreover, by making a few other adjustments I’m able to continue use of this resolution for most things without much degradation, so I don’t think I need to keep switching back and forth between 4k and 1080. Problem not solved, but managed for now. Managed a similar fix on my Win 8.1 laptop that also has a high res screen. I’m no novice PC user, so this experience should be of help to others, until the Lightburn team develop their update with a fix for this. Thanks again.

LightBurn could definitely use some improvements in the HiDPI department. I think I would be too annoyed to switch resolution but would beat buying a new monitor just for LightBurn. I suppose you could have 2 monitors side by side. One just for LightBurn.

I already have two monitors, both high res, so was going to go so far as to swap one out… How desperate is that!!! The laptop is only used for Lightburn at the moment, so a definite improvement.

Ah… in that case I see the thought process of also dedicating a monitor or resolution.

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