Distancers between the acrylic sheet and honeycomb (when cutting)

Hi, frieds
How you cutting acrylic sheet on honeycomb table (I see small dots where acrylic touching honeycomb when cutting - lower side of acrylic)!

You use some type distancers or I’m missing something

Thank You for help

I always lay my items on a base with tips about 10 mm above the bed itself. It works fine for me and the tips also make no marks one on the surface of acrylic items.

You use some metal spikes as tips - or something similar?

yes, that’s what many do. try to look for this topic here in the search function, I mean I have also uploaded a picture of my bed with spikes.

ps. I have not and I also do not like a honigcom bed. I use a perforated metal plate, the airflow is in my best belief better and I have zero reflections from below.

Look for “pin bed”. This is my version. There are others that are specifically manufactured for this, and some folks just use “upside down” rivets inserted into the honeycomb holes.