Do you need to follow steps to engrave white tile painted black?

I didn’t take it that way Wade. I accept all criticisms, especially on things I know nothing about! :crazy_face:

And Jan was right about this. It’s not permanent, but when I coated it, it is sealed in time now. Looks very nice in my kitchen on display, and we’ve gotten a lot of compliments from friends and family. I have actually done almost a dozen more since for friends that loved it.

My motto is: inspire, create, learn, teach
You can teach this old dog new tricks and I sincerely appreciate it!



Thanks Jan! I’m actually trying out the Norton method and a couple of others. Trying to learn how to do this more proficiently!


i know is an old post but, i’m not english mother tongue and i have not understood a couple of things:

  1. which is the paint used
  2. the method can be applied also with diode laser or only Co2?
    thank you all for reply :wink:

There are actually a few different things going on in here. If you look up at my example I used: RUST-OLEUM PAINTER’S Touch 277991 General-Purpose Satin Spray Paint, Satin, Oasis Blue, 12 oz Aerosol Can

I first used acetone to clean the tiles. Next I gave a nice coat of the spray paint. I allowed it to dry for a few hours and then used my CO2 laser. After it was done I used acetone to clean the paint off. As noted… Doing it this way the design does not wash off or scrape off.

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Hi JVL, can you share this test?

Sure, not a problem.
Just ignore the .030 note on the bottom.
That is where I was playing around with different Z heights.
Just focus your laser and run it.
TEST GRID 2-24-21_backup.lbrn (64.1 KB)

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A question if i can… what kind of white paint you use? acrylic paint can be used? Let me tell you that i have not a Co2 laser but only a “poor” 7.5W diode laser.
Thank you