Dot width correction

Can someone direct me to where I can find out what this button does?

Oz explains it here:

Thank you, Very interesting read. Going to try it today.

Does dot width correction work with passthrough?
I noticed that my line interval is greyed out when using passthrough.

I haven’t tried it but I would expect not. Passthrough literally means “don’t do any processing on this and send to the laser as-is”. Then the controller just does the best with what it gets.

What you’re saying makes sense.
However, in passthrough while my line interval is greyed out, i can still put in a value for the dot width.

Trying to think how that would work but can’t come up with a solid hypothesis that doesn’t break down with some scrutiny. It’s possible that the field is ignored with passthrough but not sure.

Perhaps the @LightBurn folks can enlighten us.

I played with dot correction a bit here…

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