Engraving Ceramic Tile

Hi everyone ! I was trying to do engraving on Ceramic Tiles using Northern method. Tile is sprayed with 3 thin layers of Matt White, and setting on LightBurn software are :

Negative Image :  Off
Invert :  Off
Speed 1800 mm/min,  Laser Power 90%.

The end result was engraving may look OK but after cleaning the tile with AceTone chemical the picture fade and is not 100%. Neje A40640 is high power and should do the job, but result is not 100%. What have I done wrong.

Northern method, is preferred, I will also try to do engraving using Darkly method.

Appreciate your advice please. Thank you.

There are different methods for the NT work.

Generally what happens is there isn’t enough ‘heat’ heat generated for the TiO2 to melt/bond to the tile.

I do this, but I buy the powdered TiO2, mix with water and air brush on the tile. I’ve also used LBT100, which is a spray coating that is very similar for co2 lasers.

I’ve found that the proper thickness of the coating is critical along with speed/power to make it useful.

30mm/s seems rather fast to me… might try slowing down a bit.

Hang around, there is some excellent work here done with that method… Might wish to look in the ‘Finished Creations’ for some examples…

Good luck



John, check this thread out.

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