EZCad 2 compactible/clone board - Driver Install issues

I purchased a new galvo fibre laser engraver late June, and it came with EZCad 2.
I realised that my control board is an EZCad 2 clone board as there is no BJJCZ printed on PCB.
The board has the mark printed “FIBER/CO2-V”, indicating an EZCad 2 clone board.

The machine can run and engrave material with seller-supplied software (Ezcad2.15.6). However, the Lightburn driver won’t install or recognise the device.

I compared two different drivers INF file and the Device Manager on Windows. It seems the UID is slightly different between these two.

My copy board has the UID/PID: 9588/9980
Lightburn supplied INF has USB\VID_9588&PID_9899

My question is, do I need to buy a new EZCad 2 Lite board (FBLI-B-V4) to have this machine recognised with Lightburn? Currently, the machine works perfectly fine with EZCad 2 software, so I am wondering if this can be a quick fix on driver side?

Thanks in advance.

You can try using the manual driver swap method:

We have not seen a device with that VID/PID pair before, but assuming it works with EZCad, it should work with LightBurn once you get the driver installed.

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