Factory default reset help

In a failed attempt to calibrate my x and y axis I reset my ruida controller to factory default. Now the speed and steps is completely out of whack. Anyone know how I can return it to normal? I only have LightBurn and have been unable to download rdworks.

Factory reset is to reset the controller to the default controller settings, not the settings for your specific machine, so don’t do that. :slight_smile:

Now that you’ve done that though, we should be able to help fix it. If you remember roughly what the step length was, start there. Calibration of proper step length isn’t terribly hard - the part I always found most cumbersome is the homing setup, but we can help with that too.

There’s another post on here about “how to calibrate steps” - I’ll link that below and that should get you started. Post your progress and we can collectively get you going again.

I’ve done the factory default reset when I first had problems with my machine. Unfortunately, the fix is not as simple as resetting the steps per mm, although it’s a good idea to check that when the replacement firmware is flashed. The RD Works Lab web site has had a recent data loss, but the factory files are getting reloaded. It’s probably a good idea to visit that site and search for firmware for your specific machine. Even if it’s not there, a post with a request may solve your problem.

RDWorks 8.01.38 can be downloaded from my dropbox for a limited time:

I recall how challenging it is to get that software!

I will try to get the steps back to what they were before. I do remember the values but also the machine seems to be on full speed so I will try to lower all the speeds as well and report back with the results

I will also make another attempt to download rdworks. It seems like internet explorer keeps trying to scan the download and ends up not even attempting the download. How do I stop it from doing this and force the download?

are you having the download failure from my dropbox or from an “official” location? Either way, consider to use Firefox or Google Chrome, even if only for the period of time involving the download. Internet Exploder has plenty of problems that don’t need to be added to this mix.

You may also find links on the RDWorksLab web site for alternative download locations.

Often there’s a “more info” button, and in there you can choose to keep the download. LightBurn has this issue sometimes too.

Tonight I was able to download rdworks simply by using another program to “unzip” it before attempting to download it. Went into vendor settings and changed the step lengths to what it was before and bed size to proper dimensions. The machine is cutting perfect squares and circles now. I can finally rest at ease. Thank you to everyone for all your help