Files dxf problem

i bought the file but i can’t solve it how can i fix the scales

What do you mean by this?

I don’t know about the scales, but I might fix the spelling on Germany.

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the screen looks dim from the process, I will cut

how u do fix

If this is all vector art, you may need to delete the “word” shapes and recreate any that you want to change. As for this looking “dim”, you do not show the Cuts / Layers window, but this is either lite-gray in color or you may have that layer set ‘Output’ to Off (red). Could that be what you are seeing?

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thank you i made it

hello rick
it didn’t cut in these sizes for arcrylic

This is informational but not clear as to what the question is. Please rephrase, tell us what you are doing, what you expect and what the result was produced to help us see what you are after. :slight_smile:

Read How to Ask for Help (← click this) for what is needed to offer you any responses of value.

I run the machine with a 2000 watt generator
I tried cutting 5.2mm arcylic
but could not cut
I made the process settings like this

You need to increase Min Power to match Max Power, since you are cutting very slowly.

Your profile says Ruida, but you do not identify the wattage of the Laser, so it is hard to offer direct answers. Here is a post talking about cutting acrylics.

Here is another post to the Boss Laser site where they offer cut setting suggestions for a bunch of different materials using different powered systems:

Ruida 100 w laser
Are the cut settings wrong?

Wrong? This is hard for me to tell from here as I can not see how this is processing. Air assist, power and the speed you are traveling, are all important variables you will need to test to find the best setting for the task. Test, test, and then test some more. Each laser will produce the job slightly differently and the only way to find the correct settings for your machine is to do the testing on your system directly.

Google and YouTube are your friends for researching consistent cut testing procedures to produce what you want. Without the details, I can not offer much more.