Fill all shapes at once ignoring half of artwork

When I select fill all shapes at once, its only engraving about half of my artwork, when I switch to fill individually, the missing half appears.
Artwork was built in Illustrator, all the fonts and logo were outlined. Everything is set to full black colour.

Looks like the missing shapes have duplicate lines. Try ungrouping them and dragging them around to see if there are duplicates hiding underneat?

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I do believe you’re correct. Is there a reason that it makes duplicates dissapear? Would be nice to have some sort of error message or options to tell you as a new user.

Fills work using the boundaries of the shape to toggle the fill on and off, as shown in the full-screen image below. This is expected and useful behavior, not an error. While not producing as you would like, this is not an error condition. :slight_smile:

You can use the ‘Edit’→’Delete Duplicates’ to help identify and remove unwanted duplicates when you experience these issues. In most cases, the duplicate is visible as darker than other shapes, and the marquee when selected can be obscured by the duplicate.

(Example: In this view, two of the 3 shapes are selected)

Here is a post that explains how filling of shapes works.

Edit to also offer:

This is the first software I’ve seen work like this. I can’t think of a single reason why you’d want it, seems like it’s a weird shortcut rather than reaching ppl how to vector correctly. Why not just do vectors like every other program? Trotec doesn’t do this.

I’ve been using trotecs and illustrator and lasers for almost 2 decades, and this “function” is absolutely counterintuitive. They really should fix it

Just teach people how to use shape builders and compound paths like literally every vector program. Teaching people incorrectly is going to stop them from using professional software

The same could be said for teaching people not make duplicate shapes :thinking:? How is the software supposed to know what you intended for that to work? Why did you have duplicate shapes to begin with?

The computer doesn’t make mistakes, it does exactly as it is told.

If you make a proper file, without duplicates, using the booleans and compounds you yourself mention, then this works perfectly well. And it has been working perfectly well for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people.

They don’t need to “just fix it”, because it ain’t broken :man_shrugging:

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