Fill between two objects

I have a project that I have done on my CNC router that I want to do with acrylic on my ortur. Here is the item.

I want to fill between cross and the circle. On the router, I just did a pocket cut. I can’t seem to stop the fill on the cross. Can anyone help?

I do not understand this, unless the cross is not a closed shape. As you can see in the following, LightBurn uses ‘boundaries’ to define what gets filled.

First, make sure the cross isn’t duplicated - if it is, the dupes will cancel each other out when filling. Edit > Delete duplicates.

If that doesn’t do it, then make sure the cross is actually a single closed shape, not several disconnected lines. Select the cross, un-group it (Ctrl+U) then try the “Auto Join” feature - Edit > Auto-Join selected shapes (Alt+J) to see if it connects things.

To illustrate…

Thank you all for your help. I tried the outline method and it worked perfectly.

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