First time setup and cannot get the wizard to find my laser

First time setup and cannot get the wizard to find my laser. Am lost

Hey Guy,

I’d love to help but i’d need to see more about what’s on your screen to lend a hand.

GRBL stuff occasionally needs a driver and i had to load one on my Win 7 Pro machine to get it to connect. I also have to select a com port like COM 11 or COM 12 in LightBurn to talk to my GRBL controlled diode engraver.

This is a helpful go-to to get you started. Happy to help where I can.

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Thank you John! I am running a Genmitsu Jinsoku LC-60A 5.5W with a Nextbook laptop Intel atom 1.33 GHz processor with 2 gig of ram and 32bit os, x64 based processor.

I had the “find my laser” on initial setup but as it did not work I deleted lightburn then reinstalled.

When I reinstalled lightburn it would not ask to find my laser again and I don’t know where to go from there.

Sorry for the missing I formation before. Not sure how to add a photo to this email reply.

Thank you, Guy


I had a little bit of trouble getting started with mine.
The ‘automatic-find’ didn’t often work on my SainSmart. I feel that that’s on me because i usually have my laptop on before I plug the engraver into it.

I open the Laser window and select a different com port usually com11 or com12. My sainsmart machine will make a short happy buzzing noise when it’s connected to the computer through the correct com port.

If you need more details on switching com ports - that can be found here:

and PY raises a good point on that thread linked above - I had all but forgotten that I manually created the machine profile for my sainsmart.

Thank you once again John! I believe I got it figured out with GRBL. Your help was appreciated greatly!

Excellent, Good to hear! If there was a solution in the thread, please mark it so others can also find their way though the wilderness. If there something counter-intuitive was required please post it up.

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