Framing does not include Laser Offset

Contrary to what Device Settings - LightBurn Documentation ( says when i burn a small rectangle at the center, the “Frame” operation does not really move the head, while the burn moves it significally (by the 2.2cm offset).

Did I miss something ? Previous questions on the forum said everything is shifted.

Could you please add
Your frame, your laser
Your lightburn version

Screenshot of your Device Settings screen please

The intended behavior is for Framing to be unaffected by the offset, but for output to be shifted by the distance you set for the offset.

This is intended to allow you to line up and frame your project using the red dot pointer, then have output shift to align to that location.

as per the linked docs: “If your laser has a red-dot pointer that is not aligned with your beam, you can enable the Laser Offset value to compensate for this when framing and positioning. Adjust the offset value to shift the position of the laser’s output relative to the red dot.”

So i guess it should adjust. Though I might misinterpret that. I do my positioning with the crosshair.

What do you mean with ‘your frame’ / ‘your laser’ ?

I just drew a tiny rectangle, laser centered to object. When starting it moves over (correctly), when framing it does not.

I agree that this could be worded more clearly, but the key part there is “shift the position of the laser’s output relative to the red dot.”

The laser’s output is shifted — not the Framing location.

Yes, but the documentation says “laser offset” applies to “framing”, and it clearly does not have any role in framing only in positioning.

Does not even make sense. How are you supposed to reliably frame if it is offset by 2cm (in my case)

Again, I agree that the documentation could be worded more clearly (the phrase, “compensate for this when framing” is not strictly inaccurate, but slightly misleading). I have made a note internally to get that reworded.

However, the actual behavior makes perfect sense. You use your red dot pointer (or crosshair in your case) to align to your material and frame. Then, when you run the actual project, the laser’s output is shifted to the location you saw the red dot frame at.

I might not be understanding. This is what i observe:

  1. I put the laser exactly at the spot (the crosshair laser that is offset)
  2. I run bounds (it moves around the designated spot exactly)
  3. I run the laser (no other change, just press run), it moves 2cm left and then burns. Obviously now NOT at the spot where the crosshair was.

EDIT: I get what you mean now. I use the framing to also see if the laser body runs into obstacles and thus it does not fullill what i would want. If i used the crosshair to frame it would obviously be correct as it is now. This is the reason for our misunderstanding.