Gaps in lines with Ali diode laser

Hi colleagues,
I just received more powerfull laser from Ali 40/5W 404 page.
And I want to switch from lasergrbl to more advanced Lightburn, still on trial.
But unfortunately, there are gaps in the results lines.
Of course I checked the forum for help but even the most similar case doesn´t solve my problem.
Getting gaps at corners and/or whenever the laser changes directions
I set the $120 and $121 till 500, but no change. Attaching picture, upper 100% power 3mm/s, bellow 100% / 300mm/s.

Any ideas?
Many thanks


What is the value of S Value Max in Edit->Device Settings?

Also, confirm that you device has been setup with GRBL device profile. You can check by pressing Devices button in Laser window. Then click on the name of your laser once. The profile type will be listed at the bottom of that window.

I think what’s fundamentally happening is that laser power is dynamically being reduced to accommodate for areas of acceleration/deceleration as to prevent burning. However, for some reason, power is getting overmodulated and dropping out.

I can think of several reasons for when this would occur:

  1. You’re running at extremely slow speeds and the GRBL algorithm breaks down at those speeds
  2. Your laser module is either incapable of power modulation or has a range of acceptable values that is higher than the value being provided by the controller. As in let’s say the controller asks for 5% power but your laser can only work at 10%+. Can you confirm that your laser module supports PWM and that you can modulate laser brightness with the power % in Fire controls in the Move window?
  3. Your laser module is defective.
  4. Your controller or firmware is defective. You could test this with a meter or scope if you had one. Check PWM voltage from controller and check the range of values is within expected parameters especially during deceleration/acceleration.

You can disable variable power by enabling “Constant Power Mode” in the cut setting. You may then get the opposite problem where you get burns where you currently have gaps.

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