Greyscale for co2 laser 40 watt

can greyscale be used in a co2 40watt laser? If so, can anyone give me any info on how to do a photo from a camera, not a internet download photo.

Yes but not really recommended.
Having said that and after long fine tuning i was able to reach this outcome on my co2 K40

Thank you for your advice. I will try a download pic to see what my results might be.

Am I the only one that thinks Grayscale should be renamed to something like Depth?

Are you familiar with this technique?
Naming feature can be tricky…

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this might be helpful -

@Squid yes, I am. Why I think it should be renamed Depth. People see it and think it’s what they should use to engrave a grayscale photo when in reality they should be using one of the dithering strategies.

GrayScale looks amazing with Diode Lasers.
I am not saying no to depth, I am just saying it is tricky to name features. not an easy task.

True, I hadn’t considered diodes. Perhaps Variable Power then.

I am not using Lightburn voting system Fider. maybe you should.

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