Grid spacing alignment and adjustment

I am doing a bit of light drawing on Lightburn which is not really drawing software, but i am drawing some simple squares and shapes to cut out squares within squares and circles. I can get the exact size squares and circles with the XY bar showing the measurements and ruler which is very handy but when i want to aline the square within a square or circle i find i cant even it up, the square or circle inside the square seems to jump too much or too little up down left or right, cant even it up. It looks like the shape is snapping to the nearest setting and needs to be set to the smalest measerment. Rather than or .5mm my setting needs be lower at 00.001 or near that. Is this adjustment under settings and do i need to adjust x,y,z or x y?
There is also a alignment tool to even a square or circle withing a circle or square but aline at the width or length not centerise the whole shape. Any video links would also help.

Check this thread out

Just change the grid snap.
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Select the object you want centered, Shift-click the object you want it to be centered within, then select Arrange → Align → Align Centers (or the equivalent icon or shortcut).

And you’ll find plenty of other alignment / snap options nearby!

It has a surprisingly capacious drawing toolbox, with plenty of knobs and the occasional sharp edge. For me, the trick is to keep all of them in working memory …

Thanks for your reply’s, i manage to work out smaller units of measure. In a smaller drawing the line just jumps or snaps to the nearest unit of measure, it needed to be smaller rather than 1.00 mm its now .001 which is what i want.
I now have a problem problem which was working before but not now, not sure what button i clicked on or am i going mad. When i click on the pen logo for straight lines i usually get the line length and angle displayed, i thought this was shown it the top box with the padlock logo which is not locked at the moment. I thought the line info was displayed at the bottom of the page but its not there either.

Can’t judge that from here, but I know the symptoms. :grin:

That’s when you select an existing object to adjust it. The padlock being “locked” indicates the object will be scaled proportionally in Y when you change X (and vice versa).

When you select an isolated line, you can rotate it. When you select an object (or succession of lines) you rotate the whole collection.

That happens while drawing a new line, before you click to anchor the endpoint.

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