High resolution photo not sending to controller

They hype the .03 dot size but I notice they show what looks to be a dot on anodized aluminum. Remember that all not all materials are capable of a small dot even if the lens might be. You need to actually run some dot focus tests to see what the smallest dot is that you can achieve with the lens and material you’re trying to engrave on. With a lens setup like that, being off even by .2mm in focus height can mean the difference between a crisp dot and a blurry one.

Just based on the image you posted I’d say you’re not properly focused. I don’t see anything that looks like dots. If you zoom in closely you should see distinct dots if you’re using jarvis or stucki. It also looks like you’re using a rather rough textured wood. But maybe it’s just the photo making it look that way. Try sanding the wood so you have a smoother surface finish before engraving. What wattage tube do you have?

Also keep in mind that you see a lot of great photo engraving results where the face takes up the majority of the photo. Bulldog’s images come to mind.Then people try to engrave a photo like the one you posted above. They concentrate on the people’s faces when looking at the photo however that face is taking up a very tiny percentage of the pixels in the image. That means very few dots make up the face and accordingly the faces don’t have nearly the detail expected.

Dot Pattern

See that very small image I just posted above? Right click on it and choose “Save image as” to save it to your computer. Import it into a new project in LB. It’s VERY tiny. You’ll probably barely be able to see it in your workspace. Do not resize it. On the layer set it to passthrough, no dithering. Post your results here. You’ll need a magnifying glass to see the dots.

Here are a couple of my other posts with examples:

I’m actually very interested in seeing some results from actual users of this lens system you have. I have a different setup I’m pretty happy with but I’m very interested in seeing comparisons.

You say your new “HR” head. I assume that’s the BeamBuddy head I keep seeing posted.

Also, the images you posted above are obviously not the full resolution images are they? THe last image you posted above shows 720x960. Even at 254 dpi/.1 interval that’s going to engrave at 2.83" wide and 3.78" tall. Take it to 508dpi/.05 interval and it will be 1.41"x1.89".