Hooking up to my laptop direct connection through cable

I need to find the instructions for this, it seems everything I find people are referencing connecting through wifi but I have a direct connection through the ethernet cable directly from my laptop to my laser.

Did you try the steps in the documentation? Specify what you’ve tried and exactly what’s happening. Screenshots are good.

Adding a Laser - LightBurn Software Documentation

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its saying laser is busy

ive gone to ipconfig and looked at the ethernet adapter ipv4 address and used the first three sets of numbers and put 111 as the last set at the ruida controller then went through lightburn and did a manual setup and entered that number and it is saying the machine cant connect or could be paused.

lol not sure what i was doing wrong but it is now working

:rofl: Glad I could help.

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By the way, are you using a crossover cable or do you have an auto-patching ethernet port? If not, direct connections don’t work. Would usually need to go through a switch.

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I have used a direct connection to the Ruida with no issues. Only if your hardware is a over couple decades old do you need a turn around, switch or router. This is an old wives tale that just won’t go away.

Hardware produced in the 90’s did not require a turn around cable.

If you were ‘adjusting’ parameters in the controller it’s probable the Ruida just wasn’t listening. If it is in one of the menus, other than the one it can execute, it usually won’t talk over Ethernet.


ok so now a day later I go to start a file and it is now doing the same thing, i have tried changing the ip and still the same it says its busy or paused

i always made sure to exit back to the main menu, not sure why it worked yesterday but not today

so i restarted my computer and then with lightburn open i restarted the laser and now it connects, why is it doing this?

Can you explain in detail your final network configuration including the details from my last post?

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I’m using the Ethernet cable that came with the machine.

Are you able to ping the laser IP address from your computer?

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Sorry for the long absence I’ve just been reassigning new address because I didn’t have the time to play with it.

Is there anyone out there to help tonight?

Are you still looking to connect your computer to your laser through ethernet? To confirm, you want to run a cable directly from the computer to the laser, correct? Not through a switch?

Can you confirm if you have gigabit ethernet on your computer? If not, you will probably need a special type of cable called an ethernet patch cable.

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I am looking to connect the laser through the ethernet cable that came with the laser so im sure it is the right one because it has been working but I have to reassign IP addresses constantly. it seems as though the ip isnt static?

also it is a brand new laptop msi ge76 with updated ram to 64gb

Okay. So it’s known working. Great.

And to confirm, you are plugging the cable directly from the laser into your laptop?

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