How do I fix this?

I wanted a waste board with a grid on it. I tried drawing one myself but kept getting errors so I decided to buy a grid file from etsy. Downloaded it, looked good but i keep getting an error. I made sure that fit my 400x430 burn area. I am not sure how to get it to burn because i don’t want to change something that wll screw up my other stuff.

Have you switched X-Y to Y-X?

I will try that first if that doesn’t work then I am going to try uninstalling and reinstalling.

You should be able to rotate your grid object 90 degrees. As pointed out, the sizing of your grid is not correct for your XY settings.

I tried swapping the X and Y measurements and it would move but the x arm would hit the rail and stop if I change it back it tells that it’s out of range and won’t move at all. I tried unistalling and reinstalling and that did nothing. I have an Ortur laser Master 2 15w. I am really confused now and want to give up all together.

The Ortur laser master 2 is 400mm x 430mm, not 430 x 400.

If you just make the lines so they all fall short by about 1 mm on each end, that should prevent it from hitting the limit switches and triggering an error.

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I’m pretty sure that the 430x400mm dimensions on your laser are for the frame, not the working area. The working area is somewhat smaller. You should check the specs on your laser to see what those dimensions are.

Theoretically the dimensions will be setup under your device settings, but these are prone to be incorrect if not installed correctly.
However, before you give up (and join the club, EVERYONE who first gets into something this ‘interesting’ wants to quit when they’re initially overwhelmed. Perseverance will be rewarded, I guarantee!
One thing you can try, before you go too nutso trying to make the perfect calibration grid, is to take the one you have, resize it to be well within the boundaries of your system, and burn it into a sheet of cardboard or something. This will give you:

  1. Success,
  2. Something you can play with to experiment with to help you learn.

I sit corrected. According to mfr’s spec the carving area is:
Carving Area: X: 400MM x Y: 430MM
Note that Y is 430, not X as I had assumed. @Oz was correct in his earlier comment.

Those are the work specs for my laser. There has always been an issue but it wasn’t a problem until I needed to burn something from edge to edge. I even checked to make sure that I had plugged all my wires correctly (even though they are murphy proof) and they all check out. It is literally as though the wires are switched.

Well, @Oz is correct. If your working area is 400x430, you can not address beyond 399, 429. That’s why he’s suggesting lopping off at least 1mm on the ends of the grid.
Generally, on any CNC machine, I try to stay away from the edges. The limit switches might be repeatable, but they are definitely not accurate!

Hey Guys Thanks for all your help. For Spits and Giggles I opened another file I created and moved it around the grid and had the laser frame it. We had no problems so we have decided that it was the file I bought.

It’s possible that the file you got had a stray bit of content, or even something just a tiny bit outside the bounds of the machine - it wouldn’t take much. Glad you got it figured out.

So just to offer a few posts as an answer for others that may swing by…

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Sorry for the maybe stupid question: what is a waste board?

Sometimes also referred to as a Spoil Board, it is a sacrificial and replaceable surface used as an aid in the machining process.

Uses include indexing, alignment, protection of the machine bed (on a CNC router for full depth of cut), etc…

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Ah, ok, clear now!

Thx. :slight_smile: