How do i transfer my licence to my offline pc

Hi, I just purchased Lightburn & downloaded & registered it on my home computer, the problem is the computer i use with my laser cutter in my workshop has no internet connection, the sole intention of using this software is on my offline computer, i have no idea how do do this if at all it can be done, if not then i think i have wasted my money, can anyone help me with this please.
Thank you in advance

You can use the license portal to manage your license activations, as explained here: How to access the license portal to manage your own activations

To do an offline activation from the portal, follow these instructions: Offline Activation Procedure

If you have any issues, please let us know.

Tried doing that 3 times, had no email with a password reset link, this is so frustrating, $80 for something i cant use.

If that isn’t working, email and we can do the offline activation for you as well.

On the offline computer, enter the license key and click ‘Request Offline Activation’, save the activation file and email it to us with your license key.

I have emailed my licence code & ofr file to support
Thank you

How long does the offline registration process take?

I’m sorry, but I don’t see an email from you - are you certain that it was sent to the above address? Double check please?

i just sent it again

Hi Oz
I have managed to sort it out now, i tethered my workshop pc to my phone & was able to activate it through my mobile network.
Thank you for your help & i apologise for the abrupt comments.
Thank you

I heard back from the license company and sent them your activation file - the issue is that an odd character was added to the end of the license key, and that’s why it was failing.

I’ve added code to the next release to verify that only valid characters were entered, and check that the key is at least in the correct format before saving or activating, so it should prevent this from happening in the future - I honestly had never seen this before.

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