How I can upgrade grbl in lightburn? my $32 disapered

How I can upgrade grbl in lightburn? my $32 disapered
sorry my bad english

Are you using 1.1f for your firmware?

LightBurn does not provide a way to load or flash new firmware to your control board.

Did you have this $32 setting available previously? What firmware version is currently installed on your controller?

I assume you mean EleksLaser. If so, this is a good resource to get your Eleks set up properly and includes a section about how to update your firmware.

thanks Rick

See above. I just updated my post. :wink:

thanks a lot :smiley: but i dont see any about firmware :o

Ah, my bad, I was thinking about another provider. A quick google search provides the following:

This might be worth review as well: EleksROM丨V3.8

Have you reached out to EleksMaker directly?

i can use the software but yesterday in lightburn i have the grbl 1.1e and $=32 and today I dont have, disaperead and my grbl is 0.9 :o

No idea how that could happen without direct action. I would search and post to their forum to see if this is a known issue with a resolution.

thanks for your help bro

LightBurn doesn’t have the ability to change firmware, so that certainly wasn’t us. You would normally have to run some kind of updater or flash utility, choose the firmware, and upload it.

Thanks a lot OZ I AM newbie can you please say One updater/flash that I can use please?

I would do a google search for your machine and “firmware updater” or something like that. I know T2Laser has a bunch of firmware included, and the AVRDude uploader with appropriate settings for a bunch of different boards, so that could be the easiest route.

when i had my eleksmaker, for me to use GRBLlaser software i had to rid of the eleksmaker rom and install 1.1f.
i downloaded T2Laser to update/change the firmware. im using 1.1f High Frq PWM
open T2Laser File > control laser , machine > custom firmware > chose which one you want and install hope this helps , picture for ref


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