iMac not connecting to Laser

Laser Master 2 Pro not recognized at lightburn start up. Lightburn console says waiting for connection. swapped USB cables and ports, cycled imac and laser power multiple times. Updated software earlier today but performed hours of engraving after the update. Help

Did this help?

Found the problem… Removed latest update and reinstalled the original program, BAM everything is back to normal. Installed the update again immediate communication failure again. Reverted back to original until Lightburn can correct the connection issue… I’m running an older MAC with Sierra v10.12.6, which is the latest version this old mac update too.

Reverted back to 0.9.24?

Yes. I just downloaded and licensed lightburn July 28.

That’s not finding the problem, that’s reverting to the old version. Can you try running 1.0 and choosing the specific port that the Ortur is connected to? It’s likely trying to connect to a Bluetooth device in your system instead, as those are now allowed.

Reinstalled 1.0 everything worked fine. Shut everything down and restarted. Same issue Lightburn was unable to communicate with the laser. Lightburn defaulted to cu.bluetooth-incoming-port. Manually changed back to cu.usbmodemFA131, everything works again.