Image is on an angle and not straight

I’m having an issue with my image becoming skewed on an angle. The preview doesn’t show this, but this is how it comes out every time unless I use an editing program and use passthrough. I want to be able to import an image, adjust the DPI, and burn without the image turning into a parallelogram. Any help is appreciated.

Belts are tight. This doesn’t burn this way in threshold mode, only grayscale.

Ortur LM3

Sounds like you’re experiencing the same skewed image problem as in this topic:

People are getting mixed results with the “fix”. Apparently one person was able to solve with a firmware update but others are not seeing that.

Perhaps confirm if you’re having the issue in LaserGRBL as well.

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Im using an OLM3 with lightburn. I had to update laser firmware, update lightburn, then reload the laser manually into LB with a different name, like i was adding a new laser. Then make sure all the normal stuff was turned on in device settings and also turn on the new gcode cluster button.
It seems to have fixed the problem for me. Right now im in the middle of a 4 1/2 hour burn and so far so good.

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