“image optimization”

Well I bought the one that comes with Ortur. Is it cheap ?
What do you mean by propely cooled ? During the action, the place mustn’t be too hot and some air movement is preferable ?
My question comes from the fact that it’s quite long to receive a new one, so should I buy one in advance, knowing that I’m testing it a lot now, but I need it for real in one month for a project…

Properly cooled means that the heat sink and fan around the laser is adequate. I can’t say for sure if the Ortur laser qualifies or not.

Ok, thanks for all your advises !

Hello ! Do you trust the glasses Obtur send with the engraver ? They are 5€ glasses…

An other question. How don you deal with this kind of trouble ? A group inside a group inside a group. Lightburn doesn’t want ta engrave it as it should. Here’s the projectCapture d’écran 2021-03-19 à 18.43.00 I am talking about.
Thanks !

How do you mean “doesn’t want to engrave it as it should”? That doesn’t tell me what it actually did. What does it look like in the preview or the output?

It looks like that when it should draw the head of the fish but not inside.

The inside shape is probably not closed correctly. Select it, then choose Edit > Close Selected Shapes with tolerance and move the slider to see if if it will close the shape for you.

There is still one line staying unclosed (there was 2). And it’s a line that I don’t need. Is there a way to simply erase it ?

Select it and press the Delete key.

Yes, but if it’s a part of something I want to keep ? Like, for instance, in that logo, I can’t make a pochoir (stencil I think in english), so I’d like to cut the line that draws the face, to empty a part that so wouldn’t be cut: can I kind of redraw my vector image ?

If you want to have the face show, you need to use a closed shape inside the area you want filled. Read this to better understand how LightBurn uses boundaries to determine what to fill.

To help in communication, you can type in your native language, and we can translate, or you can use Google Translate.

If you can post that file (or at least that part of the file) we can have a look at it and suggest specific things. It’s hard to make specific suggestions without knowing what the actual issue is with the file.

Thanks, I found the answer !

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Is there a vidéo or a tutorial to learn about Gcode ? I have no idea what that is.
Thanks !

What was the answer please. I read the thread then, DONE :slight_smile: which is cool but I’d like to know what actually was needed. Thanks in anticipation


GCode is the set of instructions used by the controller to plot lines, set speed and power, and more. GRBL devices don’t support “all” GCode.

As a standard, it’s pretty loose - lots of devices arbitrarily assign different meanings to commands. For example, the G4 (dwell) command is specified in milliseconds on some devices and seconds on others, and some let you use either one. G0 on Marlin devices is treated no differently than G1.

Thanks for your answer about G-code.
I’m very glad with the machine and I’m making several tests. If you are interested in my results, tell me.
I’m thinking about buying a new laser, 20w for my Ortur master 2.
I saw that, much less exepensive than the one from Ortur.
Do you think I should buy this one ?

Thanks !

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