Images that overlap

Can someone assist me with this please. I have imported two images which have been traced to line+fill, a baseball on top of two bats. Is there a way in lightburn that I can hide or cover up the bottom image where both images overlap? image
What I’m trying to do from the image is hide the bat behind the ball, so there are crossed bats with a ball in the middle.

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Thank you AmyH.

I think you’re looking for the ‘mask’ option. Here are the Lightburn docs on it, but you can search the forum for many discussions. There’s also a lot of tutorial videos.

Sorry… @RalphU has what I should have suggested. Didn’t switch from image to vector mode.


Here is an example. Might be a better way to do it, but this works. Bats are crossed, and baseball is moved to the side. All on one layer.

I ungrouped the baseball, so the outer circle can be moved back over the crossed bats.

Select the 2 bats and outer circle, and then select “Weld” icon

Move the rest of the baseball back into the center of the 2 bats


Never would have thought of that. Thank you!

Thank you!

I did as you suggested RalphU, but hear’s the preview. I need to set all layers to Fill+Line, so I guess it’s picking up the circle under the ball.

If I put the bats to “Line” all looks good but burn isn’t what I’m looking for.
Did I do something wrong?

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Having a short read of the few threads provided in this post might assist with understanding. A bit hard to identify the exact shape or layer causing this, from the image you share. You can post the file if you’d like more direct feedback.

It’s hard to tell what you have, because you have 4 layers set to fill and line. Like @Rick suggested, you could upload the LBRN file.

Sorry I’m confused what you are saying, and I know I’m not clear in my questions…I am sorry for this.

I have these two images that I have traced and welded as per above instructions by RalphU. When I put the ball into the circle, The circle turns black.
I need both lays to be set on Fill+line. I do understand why it is black…due to the layer set as Line+fill. I was trying to find a way for the ball to show up. I can put the whole thing on 1 layer as long as it’s line+fill, sorry for the confusion. I was playing with a faster way to burn with adding layers.

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Easiest solution, place another red circle, just inside the “bats” shape, yet outside the baseball shape.

This shows why this works.

I’ve searched for a way to upload the file but still clueless on how to do it…still looking.

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Remove outer edge and put back inside circular shape of bats

I’ll be darn it worked. I’ll read the FAQ How do I invert a vector engraving? closer cause I don’t understand it…but I need too. Thank you all very much and Ralph I see where you mentioned to add the additional circle but I think I had it inside the ball. Again thank you all!

Yes, add another circle or take one away to get the correct fill sequence. When reviewing the FAQ, consider the shape boundary to be a switch for filling.

I just drag and drop it on the reply window…