Inconsistent laser intensity again

Hi this problem seemed to come, then go away and now it is back so I need to request help again if anyone has any idea. The original post is here.

Basically, laser intensity is different depending on where you are in the Y axis. I’ll attach 2 picture examples. Thinking my next step would be to change the belt, I changed it a couple months back though, doesn’t seem like it would be the issue.


A few clarifying questions:

  1. Is the location where this occurs on the same physical location of the Y-axis irrespective of job?
  2. Does this occur for all material types?
  3. Does this occur for line, fill, and image layer types?
  4. Does this show in Preview or only in the burn?
  5. Did this occur only after the board swap?
  6. Do you notice a different laser intensity between the light vs dark areas?
  7. Do you have a compressor or something else coming on intermittently concurrent with the different intensity areas?

I’d like to apologize for wasting your time. I think I know why this happened. I didn’t realize it but I was in rotary mode for quite some time. Realized today. The apology is because I believe you helped me with another issue that was likely caused by the same thing, back in February. Today when I turned off rotary mode, it started acting similar to the problem in February. I could tell I needed to calibrate the axis again. Got me thinking. Stupid rookie mistake. Can’t believe it went on for this long to be honest. Regardless, thank you for your willingness to help.

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