Issues after 9.15 software

Hi Team

Hope everyone is well.

Please dont yell too much if i have given not enough info…happy to provide anything i can.!!

I have hopefully a small issue.
I have issues with any artwork i run using 9.22 or 9.24…where i get the laser head shifting and skipping… never the same. causes anything i run to have shifted images…and then comes back to where it should be.
checked belts linear bearings…etc…chased this for a couple days.
Then i rolled back to 9.15 and all of my issues went away…

Image is attached showing this with small lines in AVRUS and you can see they would line up with the A and V if moved over.
also very prevalent within the word “solutions”
next to it is the same file, same everything…just rolled back to 9.15 version.
I cant get anything to fault using 9.15
any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated
Thanks so much

Using Ruida 644XS
Machine is Bodor BCL 0605MU

Thank you for reporting this. We are tracking what appears to be a similar issue and yet have not been able to reproduce on our hardware.

If you would, which exact model number and firmware is this Ruida 644XS? You can find the firmware from the HMI key panel when the laser first boots. For the model, there should be a silver sticker on the control box module inside the metal cabinet of your Bodor that looks like this:

Thanks so much for getting back so quick.

RDC V8.01.52
HMI V4.50.50

Please let me know what else i can provide.
Sincerely appreciate the help

apologies correction HMI V4.50.00 not.50.50

Hi Rick
Hope you and the team are doing well. Please let me know if i can provide any further information.
9.15 works fine for me…but always on the lookout for the newest versions of the software if i am able to run them!! Thanks so much for the great support i see on the forum!!

Thank you, we are all doing well and wish the same back. Work continues, early testing of our next release has begun. :slight_smile:

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