Issues with bitmaps and the Norton White Tile Method

I’m trying to get decent images on tile using the Norton White Tile Method and I’m having issues getting results on the lighter portions of the image. I’m running a 60w mopa fiber laser from wisely and I’ve already followed the guides from laser everything about correction files, timing, and dpi settings for engraving images. I’ve found the settings that work well for creating a black mark through material test grids and I’ve also played around with adjusting frequency, q-pulse, and image adjustments (image mode set to dither). It seems that when engraving over lighter areas (lower density of dots) the laser will almost randomly engrave some dots black while leaving the majority in the area pockmarked with no color change, as if the power is reduced when engraving the lighter areas. This leads to a lot of loss in detail as the dark section are incredibly dark and the light sections are incredibly washed out with no in-between. I will post pictures of the results under microscope as well as my settings used. I appreciate any help greatly.

I’ve never gotten good results with this method… I don’t like messing with solvents… so it’s self restricting. But…

@Bulldog has some incredible stuff using his mopa…

A the end are some links that might be of interest. You can go there and post a reply with questions… he’s very amenable.

BTW… his work makes me sick, it’s so outstanding … I could reach nirvana with half his results :sob:

There is a number of TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) threads using it with water or other less toxic mixtures that only require water to remove the excess. I’ve been trying to get that to work on my MOPA.

Good luck


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