K-40s now working with Lightburn

So, has anyone had any experience with the newer K-40s that work with Lightburn? Such as that by OMTech?emphasized text

Far as I know they are standard grbl machines…

Can you explain more of what you are looking for?


Sorry for the slow reply, but it was a busy week.
Anyway the K-40 type lasers didnt used to work with light burn without a new controller.
Now several companies advertise that they have lasers in this class that do work with Light Burn.
So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these Light Burn compatible K-40 class machines?
The combination of the power and the cost and the compatibility with Light Burn has me interested.
I alwas wanted to get a laser but never could find one that may be able yo do what I wanted at a price I could afford.
This looks like it may do the trick for me.

Additional info.
I have a cad background so creating the files is not a concern for me, but the laser is all new (well I have been reading about them for years)
I am a model builder so that is mostly what I am interested in. I am looking at cutting thin stock for making model buildings. The wall stock would be the thickest material but that is reasonably thin, and should be able to be cut by a K-40 class machine. The rest would be pretty thin to make windows and trim and board and batten layers to add to the walls or to perhaps “scribe” brick lines to the walls for “brick buildings”.

You’re just gonna love being able to do that:

They sell K40 that are grbl based and also sell a plug compatible broad, same as they sell with the machine.

Although they call them K40+ they have the board below in them. So they run grbl. Making them compatible with Lightburn.

This is supposedly a plugin replacement.

There are other lower cost control boards, but take some wiring…

Good luck


The key here is you don’t have to pay extra buy buying a separate board nor do you have to rewire the thing. To major advantages.

OMTech sells one as well as no port and a few others.
This is why I was thinking it is a reasonable entry point for what I want to do.
But I was hoping someone on here had tried one of them.
I know the K-40 itself has issues, and I am familiar with a lot of the upgrades various folks have done to them over the years.
But I figure if I get my feet wet, I can see what is important to me and what is not as important.
Like the cut area, with the exception of one or two projects most of what I am looking at is small enough to fit a K-40s bed.
So anyway thanks for the reply, and hopefully someone else has tried one of these upgraded K-40s that run Lightburn.

They run Lightburn, what are you seeking to know?

I see people with these, so they do work as does any other grbl machine.

If you understand what a K40 is, then I think you understand the problems with them that are not Lightburn related.

If you don’t have a K40, and you are going to buy one, then get one that is Lightburn ready… save yourself some headaches anyway…

Good luck


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