Laser does not move

Normally, when I first turn on the laser, the head returns to the lower-left corner. It is not doing that. Here are my settings.

This is with the “Auto-home on start up”:

What device settings are you using?

For my CO2 laser the homing is controlled by the Ruida controller.

For the Ortur laser master 2, which uses the GRBL controller the homing is controlled by LightBurn - Click on the Device Settings Icon (crossed spanner/screwdriver) which launches the settings box. On the right of the box under other options, is the option “Auto-home on startup” it needs to be green. If its brown click on it to change it to green.

EXCELLENT! Thank you so very much! I hadn’t used the laser in a couple of months, and forgot about that! Thanks again!

Again, it’s not working! I’ve got everything set up as you recommended. This is what I get: Target buffer size found
Then, where the laser tells how far it’s gone, stays a solid green all the way across - “Homing” - nothing moves.

My Ortur used to return to the starting point when turned on. It does not. This is the message I get: error:9 G-code locked out during alarm or jog state.

Have you explored the following:

Or explore all of these search results. Maybe some help there.

That doesn’t make ANY sense to me. My laser worked fine in the past, now it just WON’T WORK.

You may want to contact Ortur for assistance. @OrturTech is on this forum.

Greetings Dave

Unplug usb, power only
Power on machine. any motion?
Check your power adapter, is showing green LED?

Can you send me a image of your connections using this image as guide please?

Here they are. I reduced them in pixel size just in case. I’ve never touched them since I assembled it. Again, I give it power, turn it on, and the head does not move.

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