Laser Master 2 and laser module NEJE 40W, will they work together?

Hi ORTUR experts! I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 20W, but I want a more powerful laser. Can you please tell me if I can replace my 20W laser module with a NEJE laser module 40W.
Thanks in advance!

Yes, but you need a 12V4A power supply for support. NEJE’s latest Master 2s max supports a larger engraving area, is the latest 32-bit control system, supports app control, and 100% supports lighburn software. You can consider it.

I will answer my own question: the 40W laser module works on the OLM2 frame. To install the module, I made a small modification. The result is already amazing! Birch plywood (3mm) is cut in 1 pass at a speed of 100mm / 60-100pw. There are still more modifications to be made in the future, but I’m already happy with the result. It is a pity that today Orthur does not have its own 40W module.

I just have one question: you mention a 12V 4A power supply, I received a KIT with a 12V 3A power supply, is this normal?

Hello , i want to change my 20w module also , can you tell what modifications you did with cables or it was plug and play ?

  1. cut off the 3-pin connector near the laser module. and soldered two 3-pin and 4-pin connectors there (the temperature cable was not soldered)
  2. measured and screwed the sliding slot on the backboard;
  3. I also screwed the “extension cord” on the x-axis to turn on the Y limit switch.

Hi can you draw a rough diagram on which wires were cut and what went to where. Please I just bought this and can’t figure it out and which power supply did you use

Having examined the mainboard connection diagram

, and the testing module connection diagram

we got the following diagram:

If your circuits or connecting cables are different, then check on your devices

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Going this fought do you still need a power supply or can it run straight from the power the main board produces? Thank you so much by the way.

I bought the KIT from the link from my first post, it had a 12V 3A power supply. A power supply with the same characteristics was in my OLM2. As a result, I did not change anything, the laser module is powered from the mainboard.

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You are a beast my friend thank you so much

Hello, I just wired my new 30 watt 4 pin laser like this to my laser master 2, all the lights come on the board, but still nothing from the laser?

I cannot give you specific instructions, you yourself must check your cables and make sure that they are connected correctly.
If you show a photo of your cables and how they are connected, then maybe I can suggest something, but this is not accurate

These are the lights that come on when I hit the “fire” button on lightburn.

The pwm light the only one the doesn’t light up when I hit the fire button.

Black and white wire are mixed.

I tried switching those wires around, still nothing.

Have you tried to connect a laser module to a test board and check its performance?

Yes I have, no luck. Originally I bypassed the board that has the home switch built in and the laser worked, just way out of alignment with x and y axis. Laser is running now with original laser, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.