Laser master 2 showing 2 dots

hello, I have a laser master 2 15w with until few days ago worked very good.

today after few hours of engraving I noticed that there are two blue dot showing (see the pictures I attach). what could be the cause of this? how can I solve it? in the engraving process this seems not to be a problem, the engraves come out sharp and well done.

another problem is that I can see some movements when I engrave letters, (look at the H and the E in the picture.).

I tried thightening the bolts and the situation got a little better, but still not perfect.

at what torque can I tighten the bolts?

the belts seems well positioned and tensioned to me.

let me know, thanks.

Your lens may be dirty or is knocked out of focus.

I tried both cleaning and refocused it lot of times! nothing changed.

Maybe remove the lens and check for a crack?

to remove it do I just unscrew it?

Yes, the you can shine a flashlight in and see if there is a crack or some debris on the inside

Tried! There is no cracks or anything

With the lens removed. Put on some safety glasses fire the laser against a flat black item and see if it has 2beams. Not sure if a ortur LM2 15w is a dual led unit or not. Also make sure to turn the power down when doing that.

Can you take a look at this @OrturTech, what suggestions can you offer here?

Uploading: 9620AA5E-9D1E-4132-96F3-253D3B4AB826.jpeg…
This is what the inside of the laser looks like

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i noticed that when I focus the beam, using 0,25% of power, the beam is just 1. when I engrave wood, for example at 1700 80%, there are 2 beams.

It could be that at 25% (or another percentage) only 1 led is being used and at 80+% both led’s are used. To be honest I don’t know if the led’s need to be in an exact alignment (or very close) before the lens is screwed on.

Maybe you can contact Ortur directly for a comment on this.