Laser moves "in steps" while doing a rubber band frame

As stated in the title, when I do a rubber band frame, the laser head moves in steps while tracing a curve, instead of a smooth motion like when it’s cutting the same pattern.
The movement is so harsh that the entire chassis of my machine shakes with it. Is this normal?

(Machine is a Amazon 80 watts red/black chinese cutter. Purchased from OMTechm if that matters)

Thank you for the input, yet this is not true.

Thank you for identifying this, as the issue is with the way the Ruida motion control system deals with Frame Requests, as discussed in the post below.

Please update your Machines listing in your forum profile to stay current. Helps us all when wanting to offer help. :slight_smile:

Understood. I am glad it’s not a problem on my machine.

Just updated my machine info - Forgot to do it in a timely manner
Thanks a lot.

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