Laser stopping after 3 lines are burned

trying to burn an image on ceramic tile burns about 3 lines and then stops any idea what is going on have burned a lot of tiles before now this issue comes up using ortur laser 2
windows 10

What changed? :slight_smile: I am not trying to be a jerk or difficult with this question, but you did have success before, if I am reading this correctly. Something must have changed, so now to figure out what.

You say Ortur, so USB connection. We have an FAQ I’d like you to start with. Have a read of this and let us know your results, we can go from there:

This is the message I get just do not know what to do Starting stream
Layer C00 Pass 1 of 2
Reset while in motion. Grbl cannot guarantee position. Lost steps are likely. Re-homing is highly recommended.
On or near line 914:
Job halted
Stream completed in 0:20
Ortur Laser Master 2 Ready!
OLF 137.
Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]
[MSG:’$H’|’$X’ to unlock]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

We are telling you in that message that something caused your motion control board to reset while in motion. I provided a post above about troubleshooting USB connection issues. What results did you get from reviewing the things suggested?

I really do not appreciate the tone of your reply, sounds like I am really agitating you but to answer your question I followed the steps, in wdws 10 and nothing changed, Thanks for your time anyway

ALARM:3 means the control board reset - this is a GRBL error code, telling you basically the controller rebooted. The rest is just LightBurn saying where it happened, and echoing the controller startup / connection text.

Rick’s tone is non existent - he’s repeating back to you what the controller said, and simply asking if you had followed the USB troubleshooting tips above, as you hadn’t acknowledged that you saw his first reply.

We answer a few hundred messages a day, so things tend to be shorter and less personal than we’d like, but it doesn’t mean we’re agitated or upset, just trying to get confirmation of what you have or haven’t done so we know how to direct you.

I suspect you have a grounding issue with the board - this is not uncommon with Ortur.

Read here:

I am not trying to, nor wanting to present an unappreciated “tone”. I offered some suggestions based on what you provided, and asked for an update upon review.

You then provide some console output showing an Alarm: 3, confirming a communication issue, which I assumed from your first post. I asked for an update again.

Telling us, “…but to answer your question I followed the steps, in wdws 10 and nothing changed,…”, offers little as to what you actually “did” and what results you observed. We are trying to offer assistance, but you need to participate with the information requested for this to be successful.

Losing connection

The most common reasons for connection loss with USB are:

  • Poor quality USB cables, lacking shielding or noise suppression. If your laser came with a cable, try a different one.

  • USB cable length - USB cables are limited to 16 feet. If your cable is longer than this, it may need an amplifier or active extension for the signal to remain strong enough to be read correctly at the other end.

  • Another device on the same circuit as your laser, like a mini-fridge, air compressor, water chiller, etc. Any of these things powering up may cause a small power drop that can make the laser ‘brown out’ and temporarily disconnect or reset.

  • Poor grounding - if your laser is not grounded, static build-up can eventually discharge through the USB connection. This is especially common with lasers driven by belts that interact with plastic wheels. Tying the frame of the laser to a ground connection can eliminate this.

You might want to check here as well:

working again, Thanks for your help

Glad to hear you got sorted.

It might be nice for other users with the same gear if you would be willing to explain what you did to resolve the issues you were having.


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