LaserPecker4 Minimum Interval? (Resolution 1K, 2K, 4K 8K)

Hello All,

After reading this topic: Image engraving guidelines

I am a bit confused about what the minimum Interval (mm) parameter value LaserPecker 4 could deal with, since in their software (DesignSpaces) they use "Resolution aka 1K, 2K, etc) I think to manage this. How can I work in light burn to correlate this 1K, 2K, etc using the interval (mm) Parameter)?



It’s a physical size. It’s the minimal distance the laser beam can travel between two positions. That should be mentioned in the specs somewhere.

Thanks for the help @misken , but that’s where the trick part starts… I don’t like to believe in marketing materials… I just read the entire main manual but there is nothing about it.

I found some places claiming 0.003mm (8KHD resolution as they use) and
2000mm/s speed.

In another place 0.0019mm (8KHD resolution as they use) and
4000mm/s speed.

So wanted to know if someone could confirm the correct information so I don´t mess up my engraving using wrong distance calculations…


I looked and could not find anyone that gives me some idea about spot size…

All of my lenses produce a square work area… working backwards I have an F254mm lens that is a 175x175mm work area. My F254mm for my fiber has a spot size of 0.031mm. Best possible resolution for that size spot is ~820dpi …

As an example the machines tool is 1 inch… The best resolution is 1 dpi, you can’t engrave any smaller than the size of the tool (laser beam).

With the IR side, you might be able to use it to heat areas that may mark metal or cause color.

There is no interval in the supplied software…?

Maybe @misken can clarify what he means… I don’t quite follow how the various resolution modes work…