License Connection through Proxy

Our School has a proxy so we cannot connect to the license server. Do you have Windows environment settings we can add to “let the software know” to go through a proxy, i.e. TI software use:

  • In the Variable name field, type TI.HttpsProxy.
  • In the Variable value field, type : proxy:port

From our FAQ on Licensing Setup - Configuring different license options

Thanks Rick, we have whited listed for port 443 but it is still failing. Is there another port that needs to be added to the whitelist?

Are you getting a specific error message?

Yes, “Failed to connect to the server due to network error”. Below is our Wireshark logs

it didn’t like my Wireshark log I tried to attach

Add .txt to the end of your file and try again please.

Wireshark.txt (1.3 KB)

You will notice my computer sees your license server but gets rejected. The floating license we use works on a device if we “tether” the device bypassing the firewall. So it’s not the license key.

@LightBurn need your help on this. :raising_hand_man: