License Use in two locations

Can I use the same license in my office to do design work and then also use it in my shop where the laser is attached to actually cut?

Absolutely. The standard license comes with two “seats”, meaning you can install it on two separate computers.
On the computer that’s for design work only, just make sure you setup the machine profile the same as you do on the machine actually connected to the laser.

More info on the license can be found here: How the LightBurn license works

Thanks. But how do I setup the design side without the cutter attached via the usb connection?


Just use the manual device setup: Documentation/ at master · LightBurnSoftware/Documentation · GitHub

Set it up on the machine connected to the laser (depending on your machine it may be able to automatically find the machine).
Then select “File > Open Prefs Folder” which will open a file explorer window with a file called prefs.ini
Close LightBurn completely. Only after it’s closed, copy the file to a USB drive or shared network drive.

Now on the design computer, open LightBurn and select “File > Open Prefs Folder” again and immediately close LightBurn. Only after LightBurn has closed copy in the prefs.ini file you saved earlier.

Now reopen LightBurn on the design computer and it should have that device profile.

Wow, thanks that should do the trick.


That didn’t work for me. Still didn’t show any cutter attached.

What exactly did not work? Steps will help us determine where to point our help. Did you try to set up using one of the processes Adam provided? Both?

I just setup of device on my Office copy manually and that worked. The use of the prefs.ini file didn’t work for me.

All is well now


On the “Design” system it won’t show a laser as attached since there’s nothing to connect to, but you should be able to still select it from the drop down menu

are you 100% sure that LightBurn was not running when you copied the file from and to each computer?
Worst case - sounds like you already have it setup on the office computer, so just do the same on the computer that’s actually connected to the laser.

Follow along here:

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