Lightburn Camera capture not working

Ok finally got the camera showing an image in windows 10. We have mounted the camera and set up to do calibration. When we click on capture the software buffers and says LB not responding. We have to close the software and then open it back up.

If you have a honeycomb bed, the software gets confused by seeing thousands of little holes. Try covering the bed with white paper before doing the calibration.

Ok I’ll try that this morn. Thank you!

Ok paper worked!! I have successfully calibrated the lens and am now working on camera alignment. My bed is 16”x30”. I put a piece of foam board on my bed that’s about 16”x24”. I enter my settings and hit frame and it frames to the outer portions of the foam board. According to the computer screen the numbers are on my bed. When I click start to run the test I get the cut settings window. I click ok then it goes to the display window that shows the laser moves. I click ok and it goes back to the alignment wizard window. When I click start it goes right back through the cut settings window again. What am I missing???

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Ahhh, crap. This is why I don’t give out beta builds. That is test code. Let me double check and remove that.

PLEASE!!! And thank you

If you downloaded that, grab it again - There was test code in place that would show the settings and preview instead of running the alignment targets.

So what are you wanting me to download again?

The same link I sent you before. I just updated it in place.

Ok I’ll give a shot

You are the man!!! Will I have to recalibrate lens?

Nope - that info is kept, so you shouldn’t have to.

Thank you sir!! What lil bit of hair I have is all gone now!!!

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Got it all hooked up and running OZ! Pretty darn accurate! Thanks for your help

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Well I’m glad we pushed through and you toughed it out. That’s a damn good result. :slight_smile:

Well pleased! Now to learn all the other stuff!!

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I have camera mounted on this mount. Do you think I would get clearer image if I go closer to the bed? I mean what I have there is very accurate?

I can’t see the preview window you see, so I can’t make that call - Post a pic of what your camera control window preview looks like. If the bed area doesn’t fill it, then moving closer could help, yes. Also make sure it’s focused as clearly as you can.

I would also be really careful not to bump that mount, as any movement at all will throw the alignment off. I recommend a rigid mount if you can do it - look through this thread to see how a few others have made theirs:

I used his pattern!! The top of it uses a wing nut and carriage bolt similar to a go pro mount. Instead of bolt and nut I mounted it to the go pro mount

I’ll take a pic tomorrow morn when I get off.