Lightburn can't find laser on iMac High Sierra 10.13.6


I’m having a Atomstack A5 20W laser engraver.
It worked perfect on my Windows computer, but it won’t work when I’m trying it on my iMac & Macbook.
The device is listed in the usb device list, so the connection is good I think.
But when I’m trying to add the laser in Lightburn he can’t be found…
While on my Windows computer, there’s no problem at all…
I bought the device from someone who used it with a Macbook also, but he didn’t have any trouble with it…

Can please someone help me with this issue?

Kind regards,

What firmware does it use? If it’s Marlin, you’ll have to do the configuration manually.

Hi again,

I just got the solution, I needed to install the CH340 driver…
Installed it, restart and works! :smiley:



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