Lightburn destroys neje diode laser

hi dear, i have a problem
(for the second time):
for two months I bought a Neje master 2S 40w (32 bit GRBL driver), I was testing engraving and cutting parameters with Lightburn, and the laser went into tilt (it keeps flashing, burning, does not connect to the cnc and the led " tilt "on). I bought a 30w laser, while they replace me (Neje warranty) my 40w.
2 days ago I bought the Lightburn license, and everything is fine.
yesterday I updated 0.9.21, did some cutting and engraving tests and then the laser stopped working! the pointer is turned off (minimum light from app Neje 5%), if increase% app Neje (100%) the light is barely visible, if laser active (app button Lightburn 20%) the stitch of the pointer is seen as if it were at 5%, but it’s 100%!
if I press “frame” the cnc starts, but the laser turns off (pointer light).
with the “play” command it starts, turns on, but does not affect anything (150 mm / m and laser 100%).
why does LIGHTBURN break the laser?
thanks Thomas Fitts.
windows 10 64

Its unlikely that lightburn would trash your diode, its more likely that Neje have supplied a inferior diode otherwise you would see dozens of complaints on here about neje diodes being trashed.

I would check back with the supplier of the diode first and tell them they have sent you a faulty diode.

Lightburn is tried and tested by many users of many different types of machines and this is the first I have heard of a Neje diode going wrong because of Lightburn. I run 2 diodes and a K40 off my Lightburn and have no problems at all…

See what the supplier has to say but you have to be tough with them, they are clearly sending out faulty goods by the sound of it.

also have a look on google there is lots of information about Heje diodes on there and how to set them up and check them if they dont work etc…

I turned the same question to Neje support, but it seems strange to me that 2 out of 2 happens!
moreover, this new one, it does not even work with Neje app or Laser GRBL is as dead or does not have the strength!

I really cant see how the software could damage the diode, what software were you using for 2 months?

2 months: 15 days Neje and Laser GRBL, then I started learning with Lightburn and it went “tilt” (40w) on the first day of rehearsals!
20 days without laser, because Neje had to replace (and is yet to arrive).
5 days ago I bought a 30w one and I worked with Neje and LaserGRBL, yesterday I started working with Lightburn and it doesn’t work anymore!
it is weak and does not burn anything.

It’s a serious accusation you make. Try to explain how a software can go into your controller and overwrite its firmware, or if you know some gerbil commands that can take the life of a diode laser. I understand very well you are sad that your lasers are not working but you should troubleshoot instead of making some persistent accusations.
You could start by asking your supplier how they can get 40 watts out of a max.7.5 watt diode.

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mine is not an accusation, an observation (and a question)!
can one software destroy 2 lasers?
how it turns on and off (with a press of a laser), could it KO it?
anyway: this is what happened. I’d be happier to work than to talk about what happened! I think anyone.
thanks for the answers, I hope it is not the software and in the meantime I also wrote to Neje!

This is what you have written in the headline, if it is a question then please define them as such.

Lightburn has not destroyed your diode. The most Lightburn can do is tell your diodes controller to turn on to 100% power. If your diode burned out it’s because NEJE has grossly overrated (and overpowered) the poor thing. 40 watts out of a poor little diode that’s probably rated at more like 7 watts.
It’s called marketing. Or lying. Depending on whether you selling or buying.

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You have the settings set incorrectly. The issues you list are hard to follow, but most, if not all are addressed by the firmware settings and then telling LightBurn what settings you have. LightBurn talks to the control board. The control board has settings in firmware. If these settings are not set properly, you will see many of the issues you are observing.

What firmware, including the version number, are you using to drive this Neje? Have you recently updated this firmware?

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What I don’t understand is: I used Neje software and LaserGRBL and everything was fine, I did some tests with Lightburn and after a while it stopped working! If I uninstall Lightburn and try with Neje and LaserGRBL software, the laser doesn’t work anymore! You say it’s a settings problem? The firmware is GRBL 1.1f, the Lightburn version 0.9.21 (I also tried with 0.9.20, but nothing). I hope it’s a setting problem, but 2 out of 2 seems more than a coincidence to me! Then: why does Lightburn print me the words backwards? I wish I’d never had this kind of problem, but it happened. I would have preferred to keep working rather than having to write and find the problem! Don’t you say?

The words are backwards because you have likely set the origin point incorrectly. It is usually front-left. LightBurn cannot do anything specifically that would fry a diode laser - it sends commands to the GCode controller, and that controller drives the laser - All I can do is tell it to turn on or off, and give a power percentage.

The reason is you have incorrect settings. We can help if you post what you currently have set in firmware. Type $$ followed with Enter/Return. Note the information that gets spit back in the ‘Console’ window. Copy and Paste all resulting text here for review.

When you did the initial setup in LightBurn, where did you set the ‘Machine Origin’? This is a very common misunderstanding and is covered in detail in our documentation, and here on the forum.


As for the diode not emitting the same level of output expected, you may have failing hardware. When using Neje or LaserGRBL software, you observed output you expected and now you don’t. LightBurn does not make changes to your laser or control board unless you explicitly made a change. Not getting the same results you observed originally, VRS the result you get now when using another software would indicate changes to firmware or potential hardware failure.

I broke my first laser NEJE without Lightburn, but it was low end diod for sure, like 3w if we believe NEJE (did not find any marking to be sure). Used SW provided by manufacturer, it fromke after a ±month, I was engraving small images which took ~30-40 mins to complete, used it at 80% of power, still diode cracked after ~10 session. Then I thourogly red the descripotion of laser, it says session cannot be longer than 20 mins at full power. My guess it is even lower to keep it alive long, since it does not have even blower, just small heatsink. And this power you see in description, is power consumption of diode, not optical output, most likely it is liek 5,5W in your case. Does your laser comes with cooler?

I have a NEJE 30w that I’ve been using with Lightburn since I bought it months ago. I don’t use it a ton, but I have made a dozen or so mandalas and other projects with it.

I’ve not had a problem at all, and I use the laser at 100% most of the time, running for hours.

Mine has a fan on top of the heatsink, though. Mine’s the one with the little red window at the base of it. I think it’s a newer design, but I’m not sure.

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si, ha la ventola sopra e uso l’air assist. il mio è 40w (15w effettivi). comunque, sul manuale dice che si può usare per ore ininterrottamente!

Hi there… Is it possible that the software of Neje restricts the power so that the diode keeps living, but as soon as you use other software, which of course doesn’t have that restiction, kills the diode? I can’t think another way that this seems to happen…

I run the same laser, I believe, a 40 watt (input) model and have had no issues with light burn. I highly doubt it’s software related, unless it’s your lasers configuration. The output of this device is about 5 to 7 watts max from temperature increase. I do not have a commercial watt meter. I stay under 80% power.

Apart from the mechanical movement of the laser, the simple fact is there is only so much the software can control on these led lasers and it’s pretty much the duty cycle. The control board on the solid state led devices itself can also fail with strange results. It’s frustrating when you get a couple of bad items you start questioning everything. It’s probable the diodes. The software been pretty much hammered, you need look elsewhere.

Good luck, take care.

I had this same thing happen with my NEJE 7.5w that I purchased on Mar 9 and it lasted 45 days with less than 100 hours on it. NEJE won’t stand behind their product at all. In fact they basically told me “tough sht" I would have to deal with the platform that sold it eBay. eBay told me "tough sht” it’s been more than 30days. So I gave NEJE $500 for 7 weeks rent

Sometimes that’s a problem with Chinese stuff. If you want any kind of warranty, purchase from a US vendor of the product. At least you’ll have some kind of ability to talk with someone. I purchased from a china company and received about 25 cents worth of product. My credit card company reimbursed me. Did you use a credit card?