Lightburn for galvo not working

See my above post - It absolutely works under Win7.

Yes I had recently updated to most recent release, once I was directed to where the setup exe file resided all was well.

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Will installation of LB on PC already working with laser and EZCAD2 affect the ezcad software’s working? In other words, if I try LB unsuccessfully, will I be able to resume using EZCAD2 w/o any issues?

Rick - by “drivers” issue, are you talking drivers in general, or the specific driver in the original post? Could I get a link to that document? I have a BJJCZ controller board and a 3W UV laser.

I have a similar issue. I have a new JPT 50W that works fine with EZCAD2, but Lightburn can’t use it for some reason. Lightburn recognized the laser in the auto detect during setup and says the device is ready, but there’s no red light on the laser bed, and the frame buttons are grayed out.

I have installed and reinstalled it to no avail. If there is a way to install it, I will buy it because the features would help our workflow.


The following, along with all of our documentation is worth review,

This section covers how to revert to the original drivers required to run EZCAD2.