Lightburn V9.16 USB Connection Issue (MAC & Boss Laser)

I’m using LightBurn V0.9.16 on a Mac and I can only get Lightburn to connect to the my Boss Laser 5% of the time. Regardless of the startup procedure the initial connection is completely unreliable. Once its connected it works flawlessly, until I end the session, and then when I come back the next day ready to cut I have to hope it will actually connect.

I’ve turned off the Bluetooth connection as I read in another forum that can cause an issue with that driver with Bluetooth headphones, but that didn’t help either.

I’ve used multiple USB cables, all less than 10’ long. Can anybody give me some advice on how to get my Boss Laser connected to Lightburn? The laser works great, even off a direct USB file, but the software cannot seem to connect consistently.

I use ethernet on my iMac and works every time solid connection

This is a known issue with MacOS - it ships with a driver that conflicts with the one used by the USB chip in Ruida controllers.

Wired Ethernet is probably going to be easier if that’s an option, or it’s possible to resolve the driver issue:

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