Lightburn will not connect to Ray5 laser

First time user, no experience.
Laser connected to computer via usb cable.
LightBurn shows two port options: Com 3 and Com 4.
Com 3 never connects, com 4 says Homing cannot be set up…
Neither connection allows me to frame or move the laser head.
What am I missing?

Now it sorta sees the laser , but not really. Note the conflicting messages; the left one says "auto-home disabled, the one on the right says"Homing cycle not enabled…duh! It doesn’t have a homing cycle.

Now it also slams the laser into the back bar causing it to malfunction.
Why is this so difficult?

Why can’t it auto-read a device?

The first error message said something about re-homing…what is that and how is it done?



This shows Lightburn is talking to the controller board. Pick it.
In the Edit, Device settings window, uncheck the Auto-Home on startup button. You may not have HOME enabled in the controller. Let us know what you get now.

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Umm Anyone?

Also how does one log out of the forum?
I click my name icon and there doesn’t seem to be a log-out option.

I don’t. Unless you share your computer pubically, I do not think it is a security issue. Did you check the Remember Me box when you logged in? That is stored in your cookies area. Maybe @JohnJohn can explain it better.

  1. Push the profile avatar
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Thanks for the logout information.
Now back to the original point. The laser will not connect to LightBurn.
The folks at Longer said I need a driver, CH340, but it will not install either. I get a message saying “installation failed”. So I don’t know what to do. And they are not responding any more.

I deleted the device and tried to start over. I did get a bit further but you can see the error messages from the previous post pics.

I do not like forums because you are relying on the kindness of strangers and it takes forever, but when the manufacturers don’t provide knowledgeable or even available help it is what it is.

So before I send this thing to the dump can it be made to work?

Did you follow the advice from @MikeyH in post 2? To me that looked solid. Confirm whether or not your have homing sensors.

Yes I deleted the device and started over, implementing his suggestion. It made some progress, with the error message you see in the previous posted picture.
That was when it crashed into the back frame and died after stripping some teeth off the rubber ribbons.
I have left it alone since.

I do not know if I have homing sensors, my gut says no…?

Your’e confusing me. The advice was to edit the device, not delete it. What previous picture are you referring to? The one in the original post? Wasn’t that before the advice was provided? Please provide updated screenshots of the error and Device screen.

Physically examine the machine for them. They would likely either be mechanical switches that click when actuated or possibly proximity sensors. If you have them there would be one each for X and Y axis. Your machine likely homes front-left so try manually moving the laser head to that location and listen for a clicking noise. If you hear nothing, look for sensors that would be actuated near the front-left. Y-axis switch is typically located along the left rail. The X-axis switch is typically mounted on the left of the gantry or near the laser module.

“The advice was to edit the device, not delete it.”
If you scroll up to the original edited post you will see the pics.
Wasn’t that before the advice was provided? No, after, I just edited the previous post.
There are no updated screen shots…it doesn’t operate any more. It just sits there.

There are no sensors.


Can you take updated screenshots? Please keep in mind that the only information available to those reading is what you provide.

Provide for Devices list and full Console output.

Previously you had a scenario where both COM3 and COM4 were available. Has that changed? It should not have based on recreating the device in LightBurn.

Also, it’s best practice to reply to posts rather than update previous posts in place or else any linearity and continuity is lost.

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How do I get a screen shot when it wont activate?
Like I said, it just sits there.
The Longer folks said I needed a driver to make the device talk to Lightburn.
They gave me a link to use, but the driver installation fails. So I need to figure out how one installs a driver for a Longer device.

What does this mean? Are you saying you’re unable to create the device? Create a screenshot from where you’re stuck.

This was working based on your previous screenshot. That means you already had the necessary driver at that time. This is why the initial advice was narrowly focused to get you going.

Open Device Manager in Windows and confirm whether or not your have a serial Port created when you have the laser plugged in.


Device Manager:

I don’t know what the device manager is actually showing…

1st screenshot indicates you’re not likely connected to the laser but a different device.

The second screenshot isn’t actually Device Manager but may have given enough information.

In Laser window in LightBurn, make sure you’re on COM4 and connect. Once connected, open Console window. Take a full (non-cropped) screenshot of LightBurn and post here.

Also, take a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings and post here.

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Full Screenshot:

Device Settings:

Something is wrong with the serial device. Either the driver was corrupted with the partial install or something else going on.

  1. power cycle the laser and reconnect in LightBurn. Capture all the data in Console window from the moment of reconnect. Copy and paste the text in a response here.
  2. open Device Manager in windows. Search for Device Manager if required. Expand the Ports node and take a screenshot.
  3. still in Device Manager, double click COM4, then select the Driver tab and take a screenshot

Device Manager will look something like this:

What do you mean 'power cycle"?

Turn off completely, then turn back on.