Lightburn with Rudia RDC6445G(EC)

Does Lightburn software have the capability of controlling CO2 laser machine fitted with RDC6445G controller?

X and Y axis servo motors, U axis rotary belt table auto feeding and partition function, Pen function selection.

Machine is used for processing of filter cloth materials, Pen function for marking of sewing lines , auto feeding with roll feeder and partition function for processing panels longer than the table cutting area.

We are currently using RDWorks V8 8.01.54 but found the software to be buggy especially when using the auto feeding function.

Will Lightburn do the job better?

Thanks for your assistance.


Yes. LightBurn does provide support for the Ruida family of motion control systems.

The best way to offer answers to the details is to point you to our 30-Day, free, unrestricted Trial, so you can check it out for yourself to ensure it preforms as you’d like and meets your needs. :slight_smile:

Our documentation to help you get going: Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

Our YouTube channel with some tutorials.

Try it, otherwise you won’t know what you’re missing. Best software (and support) that I’ve used in my 30+ years in IT. I run on a Linux system.

Thanks for the feedback, we loaded the trial version to test but were unable to locate the pen function which is a required for this customer. In RDWorks Ver 8.01.54 the work output modes available is Cut, Scan, Dot and Pen. This customer processes filter cloth materials and requires both cut and pen functionality to mark the sewing line positions. I am hoping Light Burn can accommodate this functionality.
Thanks for your assistance.

I’ve not use Pen mode, but you can try going to “Line” mode and reducing the power for that burn and it is suppose to mark your product.

Thanks for your reply , when using the pen mode in RD works the layers selected will output a signal to trigger a pneumatic solenoid valve which in turn drives a pneumatic pen attachment with a conventional marking pen (sharpie permanent marker) to mark the stitch locations on the filter cloth material. I have attached a picture for reference.

It would be good if Light Burn could accommodate this functionality as an alternative superior Software option than RD works.

Hoi iedereen,
Ik ben nieuw hier, wij hebben onlangs een zelfgemaakte CO2 laser die perfect werkt via usb.
graag hadden de laser aangestuurd via ethernet. Ik denk dat ik de juiste instellingen heb ingevoerd via de Ruida controller alsook via LightBurn. e communicatie tussen de twee blijkt maar niet te lukken. De communicatie tussen beide gaat via een straight ethernet kabel naar een switch en via een straith ethernetkabel naar de machine. Het IP-adres op beide toestellen is hetzelfde. Ik hier iemand die mij wegwijs kan maken bij deze communicatie.
Alvast bedankt

Hi everyone,
I’m new here, we recently got a homemade CO2 laser that works perfectly via usb.
would have liked the laser controlled via ethernet. I think I entered the correct settings via the Ruida controller as well as via LightBurn. The communication between the two turns out to be unsuccessful. The communication between the two goes via a straight ethernet cable to a switch and via a straith ethernet cable to the machine. The IP address on both devices is the same. I have someone here who can guide me through this communication.
thanks in advance

The following post is worth review. :slight_smile:

Hoi Rick,
Alvast bedankt voor de reactie, ik weet niet of het een verschil uitmaakt maar de laser is niet op mijn thuisnetwerk aangesloten. Ik heb een externe switch gekocht los van mijn netwerk omdat ze een cross-kabel afraden. De bedoeling is om met verschillende PC’s de machine aan te sturen zonder de usb kabel te moeten uitwisselen. Is dit een aanvaardbaar idee of werk ik het beste via het thuisnetwerk ( hier zijn al een tal van toestellen aangesloten, ik denk een stuk of 30. Waardoor dit thuisnetwerk niet meer zo stabiel is geworden, vandaar de externe switch las van het thuisnetwerk).

Thanks in advance for the response, I don’t know if it makes a difference but the laser is not connected to my home network. I bought an external switch separate from my network because they don’t recommend a cross cable. The intention is to control the machine with different PCs without having to exchange the USB cable. Is this an acceptable idea or do I work best via the home network (a lot of devices are already connected here, I think about 30. As a result, this home network has no longer become so stable, hence the external switch from the home network).

Our use of the term “home network” is a bit of casual-style writing. I should edit, and remove the word “home” for clarity. This should convey “a network”, or something less specific. :slight_smile:

The concepts for connecting to and controlling your laser over Ethernet remain the same.

“…will be different, and MUST be different… - …so they don’t try talking over each other.”

Dus als ik het goed begrijp, hebben de PC (LightBurn) en de lasercutter niet hetzelfde IP-adres.

So if I understand correctly, the PC (LightBurn) and the lasercutter do not have the same IP address.

If you have turn of the century hardware or later there is no need for a turn around cable or a stand alone switch. When I was ‘direct connected’ I set the ‘gateway’ on the Ruida to the ip of my pc. Connected right away.

Ethernet depends on unique IP addresses for a network to function, so no two can be the same. It’s a static ip.

Is there some reason you don’t let it lose on your local network? That’s been the easiest for me.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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