Lightburn with UCCNC

Just got Lightburn and it is working fine on my 3D printer. However I have a laser on my CNC machine running UCCNC. In searching past posts it looks like people have been asking for a device (pp) for a UCCNC controlled device. In fact in this thread

It sounded like it was only a month away.

Has there been any progress? Is this still on the todo list? Is there a way we can help make it happen?

We’re planning to make a generic GCode output device - it is planned, but we prioritize supporting existing users and fixing any reported bugs over pretty much everything else, so time estimates are subject to change.

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Thanks for the info.
Maybe in the generic device, use an option for user to input what their controller expects to see — Like PicEngrave?

Was going to include a screenshot but don’t see an option for that

You can simply use your system Copy and Paste to place an image in-line, you can Drag and Drop, or use the Upload button. :wink:

Thank you. My first post here. I’ll try it.

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