LM3 extension rails installed, machine won't go beyond 400 x 400 outline?

Where do I find every necessary setting for LM3 extension rails that needs to be changed? I changed the Lightburn to 850 x 400 … Thank you in advance!

I believe the LM3 extension increases length of the Y axis. Can you confirm? If so, make sure it’s the height field in Device Settings that you’ve made 850mm. The way you’ve listed it implies that the change was made on X axis.

Additionally, you’ll likely need to make a machine setting change.

In Edit->Machine Settings change $131 to 850.

I’m sorry, I thought I made it clear about the “y”, but maybe tht was the email to Ortur, I appreciate your response and question, I discovered that there were multiple locations that the 400 had to be switched to 850. Thanks again, hoping I’m good for a while!

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